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We have engaged with over 2500 professionals across various industries, including design, engineering, and business, to talk about the transformative power of
Design Thinking and Innovation.

We believe in making every interaction insightful and enjoyable, and we would be delighted to share our knowledge and experience with you and your audience.

Let's start a conversation and explore the possibilities together!

Who are we?

who are we?


Harsh Wardhan

Design-led Innovator


I help companies develop 0-1 and 1-N strategies rooted in deep human insights, unlocking business value, and driving innovation. I am currently collaborating with Google Cloud clients on effective solutions for digital transformation and sustainable growth.


In my ten years of practice in the design industry, I have collaborated with organizations and start-ups across different sectors like sports, automotive, healthcare, hospitality, fin-tech, and architecture.

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Prapti Jha

Innovation Strategist


I specialize in leading interdisciplinary teams through rigorous research to develop strategic solutions that drive business growth. I'm passionate about building and scaling design capabilities by leveraging design frameworks, effective communication, and facilitation. 

With experience collaborating with varied organizations, my expertise spans various industries, including mobility, cybersecurity, and healthcare.

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Topics we have covered

Applied Design Thinking

Innovation Stories and Case Studies

Human-Centered Innovation in Business Strategy

Design Thinking & Innovation Facilitation

Design Thinking for Effective Leadership 

Effective Communication for Innovation

Building the Culture for Innovation in Organizations

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Organizations and institutions we have worked/collaborated with on the topic of innovation and design-thinking.

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Organizations and Institutions where we have given a talk about innovation and design-thinking.

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"My students and I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and the robust overview of communication and collaboration! I would love to have you back"


-Parsons School of Design Strategies, USA


"Your interactive session has provided us with a direction to proceed more precisely in achieving our goals. The insights you shared from your professional and personal journey will eventually help students in many ways. We hope for more such collaborations in the future."

-Entrepreneurship Development Cell, BIT Mesra, India

"It was a fantastic session on innovation stories and applied design thinking. Thanks a lot for the interactive session."



-Design Innovation Centre,

Ministry of Human Resource Development, India

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